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R. Steven Notley, PhD


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R. Steven Notley is Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins on the New York City campus of Nyack College (2001-present) and director of the graduate programs in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins. He received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University, where he studied with David Flusser. Dr. Notley lived sixteen years in Jerusalem with his wife and four children, during which time he was the founding chair of the New Testament Studies program at the Jerusalem University College. He has been directing groups of students and laypeople to Israel and the eastern Mediterranean region for 30 years. He is the author of many books and articles. He continues collaborative research and publication with Israeli scholars in the fields of historical geography, ancient Judaism and Christian origins. Among his list of publications, he co-authored with Flusser the historical biography, The Sage from Galilee: Rediscovering Jesus' Genius (Eerdmans 2007); with Anson Rainey (Tel Aviv University) the monumental biblical atlas, The Sacred Bridge: Carta's Atlas of the Biblical World (Carta Publishing 2005); with Ze'ev Safrai (Bar Ilan University) an annotated translation of Eusebius' important description of Roman Palestine, Eusebius, Onomasticon: A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary (Brill 2005). He rejoined Safrai for their second work, a pioneering collection and translation of the earliest rabbinic parables that provide the literary and religious context for the parables of Jesus, The Parables of the Sages (Carta 2011). 

Our Scholars

Jeffrey P. García, PhD


Jeffrey P. García is Assistant Professor of New Testament and Second Temple Literature at Nyack College (NYC). He holds BA in Biblical and Theological Studies from Nyack College (NYC), where he studied with Dr. R. Steven Notley, and an MA, Phil and PhD in Hebrew and Judaic Studies from New York University, where he studied under the direction of world-renowned Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Dr. Lawrence Schiffman. His speciality is in early Judaism, the New Testament, and the literature of the Tannaim. He is currently invested with examining the Gospels and Acts as sources for ancient Jewish thought and practice, as well the manner that they preserve ancient Jewish traditions. He is the author of Understanding the Gospels as Ancient Jewish Literature (Jerusalem: Carta, 2018), and co-editor, with  R. Steven Notley, of The Gospels in First-Century Judaea (Brill, 2016). He has contributed to the Biblical Archaeology Review, Lexham Bible Dictionary (Lexham Press, 2016), and The Routledge Encyclopedia of Ancient 

Mediterranean Religions (Routledge, 2015). He has worked as a teaching guide in Israel, Jordan, and Greece with the Center for Holy Lands Studies since 2012. Jeffrey was born in Spanish (East) Harlem, New York City. He now lives in Queens with his wife, Maureen and their family.


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David Emanuel, PhD


Dr. David Emanuel is a British citizen who graduated from the University of London with a Master’s degree in Computer Science in 1997, and soon after relinquished a successful career in computing and telecommunications to pursue his interest in Hebrew Bible. His studies lead him to Israel, where he lived for 11 years and completed a Master’s Degree in Bible and Ancient Near East, and a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible, both at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem under Professor Yair Zakovitch. Currently, Dr. Emanuel teaches at Nyack College for the Bible Department (Old Testament), and the AJCO (Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins) graduate program. Four chapters of his Ph.D. were published as a book in 2012 under the title From Bards to Biblical Exegetes: A Close Reading and Intertextual Analysis of Selected Exodus Psalms, and his other publications primarily surround his interests in Biblical Hebrew Language and Poetry, Inner-biblical Interpretation, and Visual Interpretation. He has contributed articles to the journal Hebrew Studies, the Lexham Bible Dictionary, and The Visual Commentary on Scripture ( Additionally, he has written numerous articles on Hebrew grammar for BibleMesh and provided Hebrew audio recordings for the learning platform. Dr. Emanuel is married to Emma and has five children, all of whom were born in Israel. Currently, he lives with his family in Suffern New York. Previously, he has led tours to Israel with Emmaus Educational Services.


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