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The primary goal of the seminar is to introduce laymen to the important ancient translations of the Bible that have influenced our modern English translations and to increase appreciation for our variety of English versions. 


We begin with a survey of Bible translations and versions from the Second Temple period through to the early church fathers—approximately 300BC to 400AD. After this, we turn to the important pre-King James English versions of the Bible, as Tyndale’s Bible and the Geneva Bible. Attention then turns to some of the more popular modern translations of the Bible—New King James, New International Version, Revised Standard Versions, etc.,— with a focus on how they relate to the original texts of the Old Testament. 


These sessions are instructed by David Emanuel, PhD

Live Sessions will be held on 9/4. 9/11. 9/18. 9/25. (2019)

Courses will be held live over the Zoom platform (

Once signed up for the live sessions, further instructions will follow.


Ancient and Modern Bible Translations | David Emanuel, PhD

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