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Spring 2020

The Gospel in the Land

Monday: 7:00PM -8:30 EST

4 Sessions (1:30hr ea.)

Dates: 2/3. 2/10. 2/17. 2/24 ('20)

Price: $100.00

Wednesday: 7:00PM -8:30 EST

4 Sessions (1:30hr ea.)

Dates: 3/4. 3/11. 3/18. 3/25 ['20]

Price: $100.00


the Poetry of the Hebrew Psalter 

This session presents an overview of the Psalter and discusses its formation and structure. Additionally, it introduces students to the rich variety of literary techniques employed by ancient Hebrew poets to compose the songs in the Psalter.

Charity and the Ministry of Jesus 

Tuesday: 7:00PM -8:30 EST

4 Sessions (1:30hr ea.)

Dates: 4/7. 4/14. 4/21. 4/28 ('20) 

Price: $100.00

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Caring for those in need became the highest index of faith in both ancient Judaism and the teachings of Jesus. This session takes a look at issues of charity, almsgiving, and care for the poor in Jesus' ministry. 

4 things that you will learn...

1. The importance of caring for those in need in the Bible.

2. The importance of caring for those in need in Jesus' world.

3. The importance of caring for those in need Jesus' ministry.


4. How the reader should understand caring for those in need. 

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